ibasafe: CoR, what does it mean for a brewer?

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What is CoR and what does it mean for a brewer? Like any other manufacturing business, a typical brewery will receive deliveries, and dispatch goods on heavy vehicles. So did you know that you have a role in ensuring the safe transport of goods on heavy vehicles? If you are wondering why, have a look…


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MEDIA RELEASE Sydney, 7 May 2018 The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) is pleased to announce that it has appointed a new CEO to take the work of the Association into a new phase of development. Since the first meeting of a group of Australian smaller brewers seven years ago, the CBIA and subsequently relaunched IBA has…

Independent brewers celebrate Budget announcement

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  Australia’s independent brewers today welcome the news that the Federal Government is set to significantly increase the level of support it offers the industry.   The Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has announced that the Budget will contain great news for small brewers in Australia. Brewers will receive up to an additional $70,000 in excise…

IBA launch Members Benefits Programme

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27th April, 2018 The Independent Brewers Association (IBA) today launched its Members Benefits Programme with the highlight being a chance for one lucky member to win a trip to Austria courtesy of Anton Paar. The IBA is focused on delivering members significant value on top of its work in driving consumer awareness through the soon…

ibasafe: Regulators are getting serious

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Regulators are getting serious about safety In last month’s newsletter we provided six steps to deliver on your WHS due diligence obligations. In recent times we have seen a trend from regulators in various Australian jurisdictions of a more strict enforcement of the penalties for breaches of safety legislation. There have been two category 1…

IBASafe: Six Things To Remember About Safety

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Six Things To Remember About Safety The drivers to maintain a safe workplace is a given in any modern business.  Of course, we’re largely aware that there is a legislative obligation to provide a safe workplace, but there is an even more basic driver (for most people at least) and that’s the simple objective of…

The Rise of Craft Beer

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OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES FOR THE MALTING INDUSTRY By: R.Nischwitz(1), P.Rigoni(1), M.Tempone(1) and D.Cryer(2) (1) Barrett Burston Malting Co, Richmond, Victoria (2) Cryer Malt   Abstract The growing consumer appetite for new and interesting beers has created great opportunities for brewers on a global level. The past 7 years have seen double digit growth in market…

IBA supports Qld Government plan

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The IBA was very happy to meet recently with Cameron Dick, the Queensland Minister for State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Planning, and a number of Queensland brewers and industry supporters. The Minister wanted to discuss the Queensland Government’s plans to develop a Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy. This was off the back of some persistent advocacy…

2018 IBA Industry Data Survey competition winner

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  The winner of the 2018 IBA Industry Data Survey competition is Shawn Sherlock from FogHorn Brewhouse. We hope you enjoy the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville Shawn. Thanks to our sponsors: Kegstar, O-I Glass and Cryer Malt.

IBA calls on government for excise relief

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Today the IBA has taken another important step in our campaign to reform Australia’s excise system. We have just released a report, prepared by reputable Melbourne firm Essential Economics, that shows how a more equitable excise regime would bring more jobs and investment to the Australian independent brewing industry, with the reforms themselves being revenue…