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Delicious beers and grain-based spirits start with customized processing of best raw materials. Bûhler offers greenfield plants, as well as planning and modernization of existing malting plants. The handling and grinding of raw material in breweries and distilleries completes the Bûhler – from field to glass – portfolio.
Malted grains are a high-grade raw material for the beverage industry. The processing of malt, barley, wheat corn (maize) grits, broken rice or starch requires both: superb process know-how and high quality equipment.

Malting solutions from Bûhler cover the whole production chain including intake, cleaning, conveying, steeping, germintation, kilning, deculming and storage.
In brewing and distilling Bûhler is able to offer solutions from malt and grain intake, storage, conveying, and cleaning right up to individual grinding of malt and other grains.
As the market and technology leader in the grain processing industry, Bûhler offers for maltsters and brewers state-of-the-art process technologies and solutions from a single source.

Bûhler’s Solutions for Malting and Brewery.

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