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Laura Barandiaran, Sales & Marketing
m: 0438 298 333

Rhinos are powerful, thick-skinned and rare – just like our customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Designed by salespeople, for salespeople, Rhino is Australian owned and simple to use. Automate your sales process, allowing your reps to focus on the interactions that really matter.

Favoured by the liquor industry and used by a number of breweries and beer wholesalers/distributors, Rhino gives you a single repository for all your customer data. Features include call planning, call history, contacts, promotions, sales data, distributions for on premise, off premise and integrated accounts, rebates, asset tracking and competitor data, just to name a few.

Rhino is a cost effective solution for SME and large businesses alike. We partner with each of our customers to offer a tailored solution with ongoing local support.

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