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Gabi Mitchel
p: +64 273 927 543

Gladfield Malt is a modern malting, purpose built to produce craft malt for the craft brewing and distilling industry. With over 28 types of malt on offer, all made using only New Zealand grown grains.

The brewer has an array of malt types to choose from. Gladfield also caters to the brewer who is looking for a specific type of malt spec; we can customize almost any type of malt that the brewer wants. Gladfield is a family owned business and Doug and Gabi Michael work at the forefront of the business to ensure quality and consistency of their malts, all the way from barley procurement to brewing efficiencies. Gladfield deals directly with any size brewery.

Come and see us or visit our website for more information on our range of malts and how we can customize malt to suit your brewery.

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