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Dominik Dobaj, Director
p: +61 296 790 777

Beverage Packaging Solutions – Collating, Cartoning (End Load) and Case Packing of Cans. We are the exclusive Australian agent for Econocorp Inc. from the USA. Econocorp has an extensive range of machines designed especially for the Craft Brewing Industry:

Below is a brief description, including speeds for the line of Econocorp’s machinery specialised for beverage cartoning for canning lines of:
– Cold Coffee & Tea
– Energy Drinks, Hard Soda,
– Beer, cider and wine.
– E-2000 and Spartan machines automatically convey, collate, and load cans into multi-pack cartons that are erected and glue sealed. Typically handles 4,6,8,12,18 or 24 packs of different size cans.
– Can sizes range from 183ml (5.5 oz) to 500ml (16.9oz) & 568ml (19.2oz) or
– For smaller canning lines and companies in startup phase, our machines can be manually loaded such as Twinseal and E System machines with excellent price points & footprints.
– Our machines can be installed following canning lines manufactured by CFT, Krones, Cask, Wild Goose, Palmer, ABE or similar lines up to 200 cans per minute.
– Econocorp machines are competitively priced, small and compact, the machinery can fit nicely into a limited working area.
– Econocorp is Member of Brewers Association and PMMI Association & International Packaging Machinery is a Member of the IBA.

All of our machines are customizable within the normal size range without any special engineering requirements. For exact prices, please speak directly with your regional agent International Packaging Machinery Pty Ltd about the application you need quoted.

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