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Maxi-Enzyme Australia Pty Ltd

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Geoff Barber
p: +61 130 076 045

Welcome to Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner, the NEWEST product to revolutionise the beer line and brewery vessel cleaning industry.

The designer of this product is a world leader in multi-enzyme technology, they have been servicing and developing products for the global healthcare sanitising market for more than 20 years. They have now developed this multi-enzyme beer line cleaner which is designed to break down any molecules found within beer lines, so they can be easily flushed out.

Maxi-Enzyme products is an Australian and USA alliance with Maxi-Enzyme Australia Pty Ltd and Maxi-Vac (Inc.).

Maxi-Vac (USA) are a leading manufacturer of commercial quality cleaning equipment for more than 40 years. A decade ago, the company began manufacturing pumping equipment suitable for beer line cleaning.

Maxi-Vac Inc. takes pride in producing high quality, long-lasting equipment. Testament to this, several thousand beer line cleaning units have been sold, with many still in their original working order.

To date, there has not been a beer line cleaning solution deemed safe or effective enough to earn the Maxi-Vac name. Until now … introducing the Maxi- Enzyme multi enzyme beer line cleaner.

Finally, there is a remarkable beer line cleaning solution with a near neutral pH, non-corrosive and has HACCP International certification.

Maxi-Enzyme is manufactured in Australia and shipped to USA and now Asia. SAFER. FASTER. SMARTER.

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