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Pelliconi & C.SpA

Sales Contact
Inian Anbalagan
p: +61 451 534 844

We are one of the world’s largest supplier of closures. Founded in 1939 in Bologna Italy, we have over 79 years of experience in the closures industry. With plants located in Italy (Bologna and Atessa), Egypt, India, China and the US, having a combined output of over 30 Billion closures a year. We supply to
almost every corner of the globe.

Pelliconi is also BRC and ISO certified. Our products include:

– 26 mm crowns (pry and twist) (0.22 and down gauged 0.18 thickness available) – 29 mm crowns (pry)
– Maxi-P (rip caps)

– Spirits closures with anti counter-fitting technologies – Wine long neck closures
– Plastic Caps

All our crowns come with different variety of compounds which include: PVC, PVC-FREE, barrier, semi-puffed and oxygen scavenger. These compounds are tested and approved by ABi, Heineken and Lion according to their specific usage. All crowns can be printed with any design externally. We also have the capability of internal printing e.g promotions.

With our vast customer base around the world and technical knowledge stretching back
over 3 quarters of a century we welcome any task.

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