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Prestige Modular Coolrooms Australia

Sales Contact
SMarty Lauder
p: +61 (0)3 9684 8146

Prestige Modular Coolrooms offers high quality modular coolrooms that will satisfy your long-term and short-term requirements. Designed for food wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, breweries/wineries, caterers, bar services, restaurants and more, each unit is customised to your needs.
Prestige’s modular coolrooms can be utilised either as a singular unit or as multiple units positioned together to suit the desired or available floor area. Each coolroom offers floor space of 17m2 (5.85m x 2.85m internal). If you require double that storage space, the commercial grade side wall is simply removed and a second unit added to expand the footprint. This process can be duplicated many times over.

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