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David Jordan
p: +64 9578 2967
m: +64 29 599 6111

Etienne Tapper
p: +49 2624 16-189
m: +49 171 171 56 02

RASTAL design is internationally recognized as a synonym for quality and innovation in fine drinking glassware. Innumerable clients all over the world have come to appreciate the company’s rich wellspring of expertise and creativity in shaping their own strong brand identity in sync with the times. Endowed with the unique strengths of a family-managed business founded in 1919, and equipped with one of the world’s most advanced decoration centers located at its main facility in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany, design specialist RASTAL infuses leading brands, breweries, and hospitality venues with a powerful image and distinctively captivating personality. Glassware by RASTAL can tell a decades-long success story – with a plot in which enjoyment is a part of life … and where life becomes living.

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