Excise Changes – Small Kegs, Big Opportunities

Independent Brewers Association Beer News, Technical Article


With the changes to excise tax fast approaching, the opportunities for future growth through smaller format kegs are starting to open up. Current signals from the market indicate the smaller format options provide opportunities for brewers outside of the traditional pathways for beer sales.

Inroads to market access

Small bars, restaurants and cafés, generally restricted for space, can now look at expanding their offering to patrons through the use of small format kegs with a much smaller footprint.

Kegstar has paved the way for brewers to experiment with different size keg formats by reducing the need to purchase multiple sized keg fleets. The ability for brewers to pick and choose their keg size is major benefit of the Kegstar offering. To be able to split a batch of beer into different formats to accommodate different customers has got to increase the reach for a lot of brewers.

Many sizes fit all

Fresher beer, faster turnover and more opportunities to sell the products creates opportunities for breweries to showcase their products in non-traditional beer environments. Demand for smaller format kegs is on the rise in multiple areas, including higher ABV products, specialty and festival beers, awards entries, slower moving SKUs and the usage of kegerators.

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