IBA beer labeling guidelines

The IBA has created the IBA Beer Labeling Guidelines and Logo Pack to help Independent Brewers comply with Australian beer labeling laws.

The Guidelines have been created in consultation with members and stakeholders, including The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme (ABAC), Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) and DrinkWise.

Below you will find brief instructions for using the Guidelines, how to use the Logo Pack and a link to FAQs to answer any questions you might have.
How to use the IBA Beer Labeling Guidelines
These Guidelines apply to pre-packaged beer only, covering single unit (can/bottle), multi-pack and carton packaging.

These Guidelines are structured to ensure you consider:

• Mandatory Label Information
• Requirements for Optional Label Information
• Additional Labeling Elements

We recommend that you print the pdf document on A3 paper and read through it in its entirety, so that you become familiar with the labeling requirements.

Then, each time you plan to release a new packaged beer, print a copy of the relevant checklist(s) and tick off each element to ensure that your labeling is compliant. File the completed checklists as part of your compliance program.

In accordance with the Guidelines, you may need to use some logos on your labeling. For the benefit of our members, the IBA has brought together all the necessary logos into the Logo Pack.
How to use the Logo Pack
The Logo Pack contains vector images to include on your packaging, along with basic instructions for your graphic designer.

It is contained in a high-resolution EPS file and is intended to be opened and modified using graphic design software such as Adobe illustrator.

The following logos are included:

• Standard Drinks Logo
• DrinkWise and Pregnancy Logos
• Recycle Logo
• Gross Weight Logo

The IBA Independence Seal is only available to current IBA Members. To use the IBA seal on your packaging, you will need to become a member and then register to use the seal.
Please see the following links for download: