IBA Beer Recall Plan

The IBA has created the IBA Beer Recall Information Pack and Recall Plan to help Independent Brewers comply with Australian beer recall requirements.

Below you will find brief instructions for using the Beer Recall Information Pack, how to use the Recall Plan and a link to FAQs to answer any questions you might have.
About these documents
The Beer Recall Information Pack contains a brief explanation of Australia’s current food recall requirements. The Beer Recall Plan contains the following information:

• Contact lists and other tables for you to prefill
• Beer recall steps and checklists
• Templates for you to use in the event of a recall

The headings in the Beer Recall Information Pack correspond to the steps in the Beer Recall Plan. If you are unclear about any of the steps in the Beer Recall Plan, refer back to the Beer Recall Information Pack to clarify.
How to use these documents

1. Print the Beer Recall Information Pack and familiarise yourself with Beer Recall Requirements.

2. Prefill the highlighted sections of the Beer Recall Plan with information that is relevant to your business.

3. Print the Beer Recall Plan and complete the Preparedness Plan section of the document. Perform a mock recall to test the recall plan’s efficiency and amend your plan if necessary.

4. In the event of a recall, refer to your Beer Recall Plan and run through the sections as required. Refer back to the Beer Recall Information Pack if you require clarity on any particular steps.

5. File completed recall plans for mock recalls and genuine recalls as part of your compliance process.

Please see the following links for download: