Independent brewers celebrate Budget announcement

Independent Brewers Association Beer News


Australia’s independent brewers today welcome the news that the Federal Government is set to significantly increase the level of support it offers the industry.


The Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has announced that the Budget will contain great news for small brewers in Australia. Brewers will receive up to an additional $70,000 in excise rebate and that the excise rate will be lowered on small kegs.


“This is great news for independent brewers, great news for consumers and great news for job creation,” said Ben Kooyman, the Chair of the Independent Brewers Association.


“Having the Federal Government make these changes shows that they realise what an amazing industry we have and will enable our members to expand.”


“Australia’s 450 small, independent brewers will take that additional excise rebate and invest it back in their businesses. That will mean they will be able to increase their production, invest in quality improvement and most importantly hire more staff to join over 2400 Australians the industry already employs.”


“A reduction to the excise rate on smaller kegs has the potential to fundamentally change the way many of our members do business. It will allow them to win customers in smaller venues and in distant markets. And having to deal with full 50 litre kegs is one of the biggest workplace health and safety issues in many breweries. This will give brewers more options.”


“The independent brewing industry has been lobbying for many years to ask for a fairer deal on excise. It has been a core aim of the IBA since its inception and we have spent a great deal of time collecting data, commissioning independent research and telling our industry’s story to key Government members. I am very proud of what we have been able to achieve and it shows the importance of the industry speaking with a single voice.”