October 2017 Advocacy Update

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We are currently working with Essential Economics to polish the final draft of their modelling examining increasing the Small Brewers Rebate. We expect to have that finalised in the next week. We will then be working with our Government relations advisers, Spring Street Advisory, to develop a submission for the 2018 Federal budget. Once that is submitted we will once again asking for the industry’s support in encouraging their local members to give it some backing.


The NSW container deposit scheme is drawing closer. The first month’s invoices should be issued next week. Remember if you package beer in NSW or are the primary supplier of a brand into NSW you need to establish a relationship with the scheme co-ordinator. You can find that information here.

We are still waiting to find out from the EPA what their official stance is on 360 degree lidded cans and mobile packaging lines. We contacted them again last week and were told:

“We are still finalising our position on these two issues and hope to do so in the next week or so. We will let you know as soon as we are able once this is done.”

We will continue to chase them for this important information.

We are also very keen to find out when the public education campaign will start. No word on that as yet either.

We also made a submission to the Western Australian government regarding their proposed scheme this week. We will update with any outcomes.