Our Events

BrewCon & Trade Expo

4-6 September 2019
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

The IBA’s annual conference, BrewCon, exists to build excellence and best practice in the Australian brewing industry. BrewCon is our sector’s keystone event and is fast becoming a professional development and networking event of regional significance.

The IBA’s annual Trade Expo is the premier trade show for brewers in Australia, connecting suppliers, innovators and leaders of the Australian and international brewing community. Held in conjunction with BrewCon each year, the Trade Expo provides a platform for suppliers and advisers to profile the latest, leading products and services on the market.

Visit the BrewCon website to learn more about BrewCon and to download the prospectus.

The Indies

5 September 2019

The Independent Beer Awards Each year the Independent Brewers Association stages The Indies. Across two days of competition, a respected panel of 44 national and international beer judges assess many hundreds of beers across a range of styles.

The international competition showcases the best of independent brewing and provides an invaluable opportunity for brewers to benchmark their beers.

Good Beer Week

10-19 May 2019

As Australia’s premier Beer Week, Melbourne’s annual GBW has an unparalleled reputation with venues and beer lovers, evolving into a global festival in just eight years. It comprises more than 300 diverse, innovative events across Melbourne and Victoria, attracting seventy five thousand attendees from across Australia and overseas. Visit the Good Beer Week website for more information and to buy tickets. 

IBA Mash Ups

We organise regular events for our members at locations all around Australia, featuring special guests from all aspects of the independent brewing industry. These provide opportunities for networking and for making professional connections. Check in with us here to find upcoming events in your area and to view past events.