Research has shown that more and more consumers care about the provenance of the beer they drink. Consumers wish to support small, independent breweries. Until now it has been difficult for consumers to easily identify whether their beer is produced by an independent brewery or not. 

The IBA Independence Seal is a significant initiative of the Independent Brewers Association. It provides the opportunity for IBA member breweries to communicate their independence directly to consumers. 

The Seal will be available to current financial IBA members only. You can apply for usage of the seal by pressing the Register Now button below. Usage guidelines are also available via the button below.

 If you are not an IBA member or you are unsure of your membership status please email us:

For more information regarding which brewers are using the seal please go to our askforindiebeer website.


Use of the Independent Seal is available to brewers that:

  • have a full membership with the Independent Brewers Association
  • Complete and sign the IP Licensing Agreement

Registrations take approximately 2 business days to be finalised.