The Independent Brewers Association is the trade body representing Australia’s more than 420 independent brewing businesses. We define a independent brewer as any brewery or brewing company that is less than 20% owned by a large brewer and produces less than 40 million litres per annum.

“Our mission is to educate and influence for the benefit of
Australian independent brewing.”

Our vision has four key tenets.

  • Be the unified voice of Australian independent brewing.
  • Deliver benefits to our members through advocacy.
  • Deliver training and development opportunities to our members.
  • Deliver exclusive value for our members.

Our History

In May 2011 a group of brewers came together to try and achieve what had been talked about by many over the years – a national association for the benefit of the craft brewing industry.

While the industry had strong state-based organisations, there wasn’t a single voice for the industry working in the areas of advocacy and education on a national level.

The steering committee decided on an inclusive approach.

An approach that recognised the industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses.

The association was designed to be representative of the whole industry with each member having an equal voice regardless of size.

This work culminated in the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Craft Beer Industry Association in Melbourne on the 16th of May, 2012 where its first board was elected.

Five years later, on the 18th of May 2017, the association took another huge developmental step when the members voted overwhelmingly to pursue a course celebrating independence of ownership. This vote resulted in a change to the association’s membership criteria that excluded businesses that were more than 20% owned by large brewers. It also resulted in a name change to the Independent Brewers Association.

Key Dates in our history:

May 2011 – First meeting of the steering committee consisting of some of Australia’s top craft brewers

February 2012 – Craft Beer Industry Association Limited registered.

March 2012 – First employee hired.

May 2012 – First annual general meeting held and the first Board elected.

May 2013 – The inaugural Australian Craft Brewers Conference is held in Melbourne.

June 2013 – Second employee hired.

October 2013 – Second AGM held.

October 2013 – 50 member mark reached.

May 2014 – The second Australian Craft Brewers Conference is held in Melbourne.

August 2014 – Third AGM held.

October 2014 – The inaugural Craft Beer Awards – the best of Australian brewing is held in Sydney.

December 2014 – Office established in Newcastle.

May 2015The third Australian Craft brewers Conference is held in Melbourne.

May 2015 – 100 member mark reached.

October 2015 – The second Craft Beer Awards held in Sydney. Third AGM held.

June 2016 – 150 member mark reached.

July 2016 – For the first time the Australian Craft Brewers Conference and the Craft Beer Awards are combined. The event is held in Brisbane.

May 2017 – The membership votes to alter the constitution and the Independent Brewers Association is born.