About Independent Brewers

What is an Independent Brewer?

The Independent Brewers Association defines an Independent Brewer as any brewer based in Australia:

  • which has aggregate beer sales <40M litres per calendar year
  • in which a brewer with aggregate beer sales of 40M+ litres per calendar year does not own more than a 20 per cent share
  • which does not itself hold more than a 20 per cent share in a brewery with aggregate beer sales of 40M+ litres per calendar year.
Who are the Independent Brewers?

Independent Brewers are a small but increasingly significant part of the $6.5 billion Australian retail beer market. Independent Brewers:

  • constitute 97% of all licensed breweries
  • produce more than four per cent of the total volume of Australian beer, but a higher proportion of beer sales by value
  • are located all across Australia, with 65% of Independent Brewers located in rural and regional areas
  • sell their beers directly to the public, with 2/3 of Independent Brewers pouring beers through their own taprooms

Our industry is an agile, responsive ecosystem, where brewers are well supported by our supply chain colleagues and professional advisers to grow and develop their businesses and their offerings in step with demand.

For more information about Australian independent brewers download our 2017-2018 Annual Report