Australian Independent Brewers

The Independent Brewers Association is the national industry body for independent brewers in Australia and membership is open to all Australian independent brewers.

Annual Membership fee structure (excluding GST)

Band 6: (5–40 million litres p.a.) $10,000

Band 5: (1–5 million litres p.a.) $7,000

Band 4: (700,000 – 999,999 litres p.a.) $5,000

Band 3: (300,000 – 699,99 litres p.a.) $3,000

Band 2:  (100,000 – 299,999 litres p.a.) $1,000

Band 1:  (0 – 99,999 litres p.a.) $500

Contract Brewer: fee based on volume of production

Joining the IBA is easy! Just complete the complete the below application form; you will need to know your annual production as at December 2016 and a copy of your company logo, so be sure to have this handy before you start!

Memberships currently run from July to June. If you are joining mid year quarterly pro-rata membership fees will automatically apply.

Monthly payment plans are available, please feel free to contact us to discuss further:

Membership Information Sheet
  • Australian Independent Brewer

    Membership Application Form
  • (a) applies for membership to the Company as a Full Member, if that person is an Australian Independent Brewer;

    b) acknowledges that it meets the eligibility requirements for the class of membership indicated in paragraph (a) above as set out in the Constitution;

    (c) consents to becoming a member of the Company for the purposes of section 120(1) of the Corporations Act (Cth)(Corporations Act);

    (d) authorises an officer of the Company to place its name on the register of members required to be kept by the Company in accordance with the Corporations Act; and

    (e) agrees to be bound by the Constitution of the Company and any other by-laws, policies or other standards prescribed by the Directors from time to time;

    (f) agrees to receive notices from the Company by any method permitted by the Corporations Act, including by email to the address listed in the Applicant details below or by electronic means, including publishing notices on the Company's website.


    Independent Brewer means an independently owned brewer based in Australia:
    (a) in which no Restricted Entity directly or indirectly holds a Material Ownership Interest; and;
    (b) which is not itself a Restricted Entity.

    Restricted Entity means an Undertaking:
    (a) with aggregate Beer Sales of more than 40,000,000 litres in the most recent calendar year ended 31 December; or
    (b) with Material Ownership Interests (whether directly or indirectly held) in one or more Undertakings which in aggregate have Beer Sales of more than 40,000,000 litres.

    Material Ownership Interest means an Ownership Interest of greater than 20%.

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