Our Board


Ben Kooyman

Board Chair

Endeavour Brewing Co., Sydney NSW

supportive friends & family as shareholders.
His love affair for better beer started during a trip to the USA in 1999, and after years of research and working in the Wine & Spirits industries he took the leap into brewing.
Joining the IBA in 2012 and then the Board in 2015 to help support an industry he loves, Ben can see a long healthy future for better Australian beer both domestically and internationally.

Ben Kraus


Bridge Road Brewers, Beechworth VIC

he was much younger and probably brighter than he is now. Ben continues to grow and develop his craft brewery in his hometown of Beechworth

Dave Padden


Akasha Brewing Co., Sydney NSW

and eventually founding the Western Sydney Homebrewers club around 2008, still going strong today. In 2012 Dave ended a successful sales and marketing career to pursue his love of American-style hop forward beers and founded Riverside Brewing Company, based in Parramatta. In 2015 Dave moved on to spearhead a new start-up brewery, Akasha Brewing Company which has quickly forged a reputation for quality, independent beers in Australia.

Will Tatchell


Van Dieman Brewing Co., Launceston TAS

Tatchell then traveled to the UK to begin his career as a brewer, returning a number of years later to start our craft brewery in 2007 which was, by necessity, a labor of love. A firm believer in the transparency of process, Will’s passion for agriculture combined with the artisanship of fermentation allows him a unique “ground to glass” perspective of the brewing industry, an unbridled thirst for better beer and a solidarity amongst colleagues that makes our workplaces so exceptional.

Peter Philip


Wayward Brewing Co., Sydney NSW

and in many ways still considers himself a homebrewer at heart. His wayward ethos comes from an insatiable wanderlust and love of travel to places with rich brewing traditions. He loves the idea of beers that you can only find in one place, beer worth travelling for. With Wayward, he has transformed his passion for the creative process of brewing into a thriving business that embraces this wayward spirit.

A serial entrepreneur, Peter founded his first business at the age of 18 and has been creating ventures ever since. After emigrating to Australia in 1997, he helped build the leading technology payments hub for the superannuation industry which he led for 15 years. He hopes that by serving on the IBA board he can contribute to the next phase of the independent brewing industry’s development.