Our Work

The IBA works with a variety of government agencies and industry stakeholders, representing our members and striving to build a strong, sustainable future for our industry. Since beginning operations with a board of volunteers and one staff member working 3 days a week in 2012, the IBA has been able to achieve a great deal in helping to grow and develop the Australian independent beer industry.

Now our capabilities and resources continue to grow and develop enabling us to extend our activities in new and exciting ways.

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Our consistent membership growth is a sign of the important role a unifying voice plays in ensuring growth and stability in our industry.

Membership Growth



Industry development and advocacy

Some of our accomplishments in these areas have been:

Industry Development
  • Creation of the annual Australian Craft Brewers Conference in 2013
  • Creation of the annual Craft Beer Awards in 2014
  • Creation of the iba.org.au website as a vital source of information
  • Creation of the annual Australian Craft Beer Industry Survey in 2015
  • Creating strong relationships with industry suppliers
  • Release of the National Economic Evaluation in July, 2017
  • Creation of regular educational and social events for brewers in each state.
  • Launched the Australian Independent Brewers Day campaign on the 4th of July, 2017
  • Regular columns in National Liquor News and Beer & Brewer as well as regularly representing the industry in other media.
  • Engaging a government relations consultant to assist our efforts.
  • Establishing a strong relationship with the Australian Taxation Office and being invited to sit on their Alcohol Stakeholder Group.
  • Worked with Austrade and DFAT to present Australian craft beer events in India, Sweden, Japan and South Korea.
  • Worked with other Federal bodies such as the National Measurement Institute.
  • Contributed to liquor licencing reviews in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria and continuing to liaise with the relevant departments in all states.
  • Worked with other state government bodies such as Victoria’s Environmental Protection Authority, Sustainability Victoria
  • Worked with NSW TAFE to develop the Certificate III in Food Technology (Microbrewing) to provide relevant hands-on training for the industry.
  • Established a programme to hold social events to educate politicians and bureaucrats about craft beer.
  • Established relationships with similar trade organisations within the drinks industry in Australia and overseas.