Shipping Options

You have two options for delivery of entries this year. We have set up consolidated state depots in all capital cities to help with logistics costs.

Alternatively, entrants are welcome to use their own logistics to send entries directly to the sorting venue in Jandakot, WA by Wednesday 17 July.

Locations and key dates are set out below.

OPTION 1- IBA State Consolidated Depot
 Tasmania   Brighton, 7030   24 - 26 June
 Victoria  Keysborough, 3173  1 - 3 July
 New South Wales    Brookvale, 2100  1 - 3 July
 Queensland  Yatala, 4207  1 - 3 July
 South Australia  Woodville North, 5012  1 - 3 July
 ACT + NT  We will be in touch with entrants  1 - 3 July

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OPTION 2- Send directly to sorting venue

Western Australia (Jandakot, 6164):  Monday 15- Wednesday 17 July

Instructions on shipping and entry labels will be available shortly. Do not send entries before attaching your unique entry labels. 

If you fall outside of capital cities, we suggest banding together with other local breweries to share costs. Please contact Siobhan at [email protected] for information and support.