Consumer Marketing Campaign Coming Soon


While we know the benefits of indie beer, the brewers and stories behind them, the global pandemic has driven consumers to discover what is in their local area. This has seen growing support for local beer and breweries and consumers changing the way they purchase throughout Australia.

We are launching a consumer marketing campaign aimed at increasing the awareness of the IBA independence seal, breweries and their staff and encouraging consumers to experience indie beer. Plus tapping into the growing support and interest for indie beer.

The campaign brief is currently out for quotes, and we are looking for a partner that will work with the IBA over the next three years (and longer) to understand and evolve the story of independent beer.

First-year objectives are to:

1. Increase consumer awareness of Independence Seal – capitalise on the trend of Australians wanting to buy local

2. Raise awareness of the value proposition of indie beer by developing key messages to be used in campaign assets to explain what independence is, why consumers should purchase beer that uses the Seal and where to find them.

3. Develop the Indie Beer Story – the people behind the beer. We know the people making the beer are often personalities and a big part of why indie beer is supported

We select our our partner in early October and then developing a strategy and creatives to support the new campaign.

At the same time, we will be conducting research amongst consumers to:

  • identify key drivers and motivators of beer purchasing decisions
  • measure awareness of independent beer and the Seal
  • Assist the IBA to position the industry for the future This will assist us in creating the new strategy and creatives.

Watch this space and we will let you know more on where and when the campaign will be delivered and assets that you will be able to utilise to spread the word and showcase your brewery.