FSANZ Consultation - Sugar & Carbs Claims

Submissions due by next Monday

Today we submitted our recommendations to the consultation by Food Standards (FSANZ) on the ability to make carbohydrate and sugar claims on alcoholic beverages. 

We support the proposal by FSANZ that carbohydrate and sugars claims should continue to be allowed on alcohol products provided they are supported with a full Nutritional Information Panel so consumers have information available to make informed choices. However, we continue to reiterate that any NIP should be able to be provided via digital linking/QR code. 

You can read the IBA’s submission here

While this may seem a very narrow issue – it is a part of a suite of labelling changes that will have a direct impact on how we can go about our business and the bottom line of costs.   

One of the major themes coming out of BrewCon was the power of collective action. FSANZ needs to hear from as many small breweries as possible rather than from multinational businesses or ‘anti-alcohol’ to ensure the most effective outcome is reached.

What you can do:

  1. Download the template so you can make a submission
  2. Make changes to the template by adding any information specific to your brewery’s situation (highlighted yellow)
  3. Make sure the document is clearly marked with the word “SUBMISSION” and the Proposal Number –P1049 Carbohydrate and sugar claims on alcoholic beverages
  4. Email your final document to: [email protected] and either send the IBA a copy of your submission or cc us in to your email: [email protected]