Statement regarding inappropriate names of beer styles and accompanying imagery


In response to the recent media coverage of Independent Brewers Association (IBA) members and issues surrounding the inappropriate names for beer styles and accompanying imagery, we would make the following statement:

The IBA takes these matters very seriously and as a result has commenced discussions with the relevant parties to ensure the matter is addressed immediately and is not repeated in future. 

It is a breach of our Code of Conduct and so in response, the IBA Board will follow the guidance of that policy. 

While there is a strong code in place for alcohol advertising, these issues still arise and because we want to ensure that we are always part of the solution we will look at providing more training and resources for our members. 

The IBA celebrates inclusion and diversity in all its forms in everything it does and will continue our advocacy efforts towards building an inclusive and respectful beer industry.

Kylie Lethbridge - Chief Executive Officer