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Help lead the IBA into the next era –  Board Nominations now open

With out a doubt, the beer industry is facing considerable change. Our underlying economic environment is shifting, consumer preferences are changing and its unclear what the ‘post craft world’ means for independent brewers. 

This presents significant challenges but also the opportunity to lean into the innovation and creativity that sparked so much of the ‘craft revolution’ over the last decade.

The IBA is facing these challenges head on – we are being dynamic, changing our own strategy, structure and operations, advocating more than we ever have and trying hard to address the systemic issues in the beer industry. All while keeping our eye on the prize of a vibrant and high-quality beer industry for years to come.

We’re not going to lie – it’s a complex time but you can be a part of this as a Board Director. You would play a key role in helping us navigate these complexities and to set the scene for the next phase of our evolution. We think it’s exciting and we hope you do to!

About the current Board

The elected Board Directors who have retired since the last AGM are:
  • Clare Clouting (WA)
  • Lauren Jack (QLD)

Both Lauren and Clare gave so much to the organisation and to the industry as a whole so we take this opportunity to say thank you so very much to them both.  

As this year’s AGM was extended from November 2023 to April 2024 to enable the Constitution review, all other Directors’ terms were extended to April 2024.

The following Directors were appointed for a 12-month term following at the AGM in 2022:

  • Matthew Shortal, Great Ocean Road Brewing (VIC)
  • Chris Cefela, Local Brewing Co (VIC) 

Richard Watkins, Bentspoke (ACT), Callum Reeves, KAIJU! Beer (VIC) and Evin Craney, Bright Brewery (VIC) will remain on the Board to meet their 3 year commitment.

The role of a Board Director

The Board of Directors is the body responsible for setting the strategy and overseeing the Team.

Elected Directors bring their unique perspectives to make decisions and act in a way that are in the best interest of the IBA.

The Board are cultural custodians of the organisation, which includes setting, promoting and monitoring the tone of the organisation and the independent brewing industry more broadly.  

A Director must have the following:

  • Knowledge of a Director’s responsibilities – includes an understanding of the role as well as the legal, ethical, fiduciary and financial responsibilities; 
  • Strategic expertise – the ability to review the strategy through constructive questioning and suggestion and contribute to the effective decision making of the Board;
  • Industry Knowledge – experience in the brewing sector supply chain or in a similar industry or organisation.

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Vacancies - representation and skills required

We are seeking 3 - 5 Directors to be elected from our Full Brewery Members. The number of vacancies will depend on whether the proposed new Constitution is adopted at the AGM on 30 April.

Beyond the ‘must have’ experience set out above – we also have a strong desire for a Board composition that reflects the diversity of our industry therefore seeking nominations from:

  • A broad geographic representation of member breweries including regional representation.
  • The smallest to the largest member breweries.
  • Out members with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, women, people who identify as LGBTIQ+, people with a disability and those who are neurodiverse.

To compliment our current Board make up, we are specifically seeking Directors with the  experience in:

  • Governance/legal
  • Information technology;
  • Government relations;
  • Environment and sustainability;
  • Data and insights. 


Nominations are open

If you are passionate about supporting our industry and have the skills, expertise and time to help lead the IBA please nominate or think about tapping someone on the shoulder you think would do a great job at this level.  

The process is:

19 March – Board Nominations Open. Prospective Directors can self-nominate through the form below, which must include the details of a ‘seconder’ or a reference from another IBA member. 

2 April – Board Nominations Close. 

8 April – Candidates who have nominated for the Board will be included in the material for the Annual General Meeting. At that time, all voting members will receive a Proxy Form where they can vote for all of the resolutions at the AGM including Board Directors and the proposed new Constitution. 

30 April – Members will first vote on the Constitution. Following the vote the election of Directors will be counted and confirmed.

If more nominations are received than the number of vacant roles, Directors will be deemed to be elected as follows:

  1. On the highest number of votes;
  2. Where there is a tie of votes for an available position – the decision will be made by ‘drawing lots’ which is a random choice.

In the weeks’ following the AGM – the Board will meet and elect a Chairperson and call for Expressions of Interest for the two available appointed skills based positions. 

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