Sustainability Guide


IBA, Green Industries South Australia (GISA) and 2XE have collaborated to develop a bespoke industry tool, and best practice guide, that will enable you, members of the Association to measure your energy use, boost sustainability credentials and reduce operating costs by adopting energy, water and waste efficiency improvements across operations.

Why benchmark?

Benchmarking enables breweries to compare their production costs and resource use against peer breweries. This can enable breweries to understand what they are doing well as well as identify opportunities for improvement. This can lead to product improvements for the brewery, which will ultimately affect sustainability and their bottom line.

The Tool

The Sustainability Benchmark Tool converts resource use data into performance metrics. These performance metrics allow breweries of a similar size to make meaningful comparisons of their performance (e.g. comparing electricity per hectolitre of beer produced instead of just comparing to comparing electricity used). As part of this comparison, breweries are divided into categories (small, medium, large and extra large) depending on their production volume. Likewise, as more breweries take part in the program, more divisions will be implemented (e.g. breweries with a pub attached, breweries with solar, etc). to further improve future benchmark comparisons. 



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"Deciphering patterns in your energy use data can really help in making tangible business decisions about how our breweries and venues operate. By capturing ongoing energy use data in an industry-owned platform we are not only able to build a snapshot of how we are tracking individually, but we can then also benchmark ourselves against others in the industry, hence allowing us to plan for future investment and improvements."

Marthijs Heuperman, IBA Sustainability Project Lead and Sustainability and Logistics Manager at Bright Brewery


Members: Login to access the guide and benchmarking tool.

Sustainability Guide (must be logged in to access)