How to enter

  1. Read below and through the 2024 Independent Beer Awards Entry and Style Guidelines and identify the best style that applies to your beer.
  2. Complete the online entry form at including payment of entry fees.
  3. Upon completion of lodging your entries online, you will receive email confirmation from us. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that all entry details are correct.
  4. Entry labels and delivery instructions will be sent separately.

Entry Fees

   Per Entry
 IBA Brewery Member  $200 ex GST 
 Non-Member  $300 ex GST 


An invoice option will also be available. Please email [email protected].

Members will be required to provide their IBA Membership number to take advantage of discounted entry fees. Members can find their membership number by following these instructions.

Please note: we will also be undertaking an audit to ensure that the size of the brewery is correct at the time of entry. 

Members must be financially current up until 3 August 2024 to receive a discount on entries.

Currently not an IBA Member? Sign up today and utilise the Member discount.

Membership starts at $550. That means if you enter 6 beers the saving is the equivalent of a Band 1 membership.

In addition to the significant Indies discount of entries and Awards tickets you can:

  • Get access to all of our great resources including discounted Australia Post rates; and
  • Support the significant advocacy that we are doing on behalf of the indie beer community (have you seen our video!);


Brewery Eligibility

Australian Independent Breweries
Australian Independent Breweries and Contract Brewers that meet the IBA’s definitions as outlined in the Constitution are eligible to enter if they have produced beer for commercial sale.

You can find the definition here.

The IBA adopted a new Constitution on 30 April 2024. That Constitution changes the definition of Independence. Any existing IBA brewery members who will not be able to renew their brewery membership with the IBA due to the change in definition remain eligible to enter the Indies in 2024 – subject to all the other terms and conditions.

If you are unsure whether this change impacts you, please get in touch with us: [email protected] 

Eligibility Compliance
If requested by the IBA, entrants may be required to provide proof of their production volume with an annual excise statement for the previous twelve (12) months. These statements are treated as confidential and will be destroyed following the competition.

Contract Brewers are required to acknowledge their status and where beer is produced in the entry process. Contract Brewers will not be required to provide an excise statement but may be asked for other information to confirm details of their status. Beers made under contract/manufactured by another entity are not eligible to win Champion Size or State Trophies however they are eligible to win Champion Independent Contract Brewer.

Beer entry eligibility
All beers entered into the 2024 Indies Awards must have been commercially available in Australia at some time in the 12 months prior to17 July 2024.

If requested by the IBA, entrants may be required to verify commercial availability by providing at least one stockist or outlet.

Beers must be entered into the correct style and class. See the Indies 2024 Style Guidelines for more details.

Package and draught versions of the same beer must be entered into the same style class.

Collaboration beer may only be entered by one party, which must be the party that has the greatest ownership (financial interest) of the beer. If financial interest is equally shared, the beer must be entered by the brewery where the beer was produced. If a beer was brewed in both/all locations, both/all breweries can enter their version. Location must be mentioned in the name of the entry.

Many styles require additional information in order to assist the proper judging of entries. Any additional information provided may be edited by the Competition Manager to ensure that it does not identify the beer being judged.

The beer must be categorised correctly based on its specific style. The style of beer mentioned on the commercial label should match the category for which it is being submitted for a trophy. This rule is in place to prevent consumer confusion and ensure that the beer’s classification accurately represents its characteristics. If a beer’s commercial name significantly deviates from the class it was entered into, for example, if a beer labelled as Pale Ale is submitted for the IPA trophy, it will not be eligible to win the trophy.

Product names or logos containing any statement, design, device or representation that is obscene, indecent, or likely to offend is prohibited and will be disqualified.

Entries are audited to ensure compliance with labelling and the other regulatory requirements, commercial availability, stated ABV, and style. Entries not complying with these requirements will be disqualified.

Beers that are sold as the same product but brewed at different locations by the same entrant must be entered under the brewery name and location. The beer can be entered in the same class and style, provided the location of the breweries are stated.

If an Australian independent brewer or contract brewer or beer entry does not meet the eligibility requirements above and has entered the Indies, the brewing company/brand and/or beer entry will be disqualified.

The IBA retains sole discretion to determine eligibility for the competition.

Entry Requirements

Packaged Beer

All entries need to comply with the Mandatory Label Guidelines. 

We will not accept kegged beer decanted into container that does not comply with the Mandatory Label Guidelines for the beer.

Bottles with swing tops may be submitted but only if wax sealed. 

The minimum amount of packaged beer required for competition judging is as follows:

Pack Size Amount Required 
 <375ml  12/bottles/cans 
  500ml  10 bottles/cans 
  675ml  8 Bottles/cans 
  750ml  6 bottles/cans 


Draught Beer

Each draught entry must consist of at least ten (10) litres. Kegs must be fitted with either A, D or KeyKeg coupler fittings. Cornelius kegs and other home-brew type containers are not accepted, nor will draught beer decanted into containers. This includes growlers or products canned off draught.

Draught entries submitted must be the property of the brewing company (including one-way kegs) or of a keg-rental provider used under agreement.

Each keg is required to be labelled with its contents and ownership details using the entry labels provided. Kegs that do not meet these requirements will be withdrawn and disqualified from the competition.

After the competition, kegs are collected by the IBA logistics partner for collection or return to the brewery. One-way kegs will be disposed of unless otherwise indicated.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Entrants completed as incorrect type eg. Non-member registering as IBA member will be adjusted and invoiced the difference.
  2. Entries must have been commercially available in the 12 months prior to Wednesday 17 July 2024. Breweries may need to provide proof of commercial availability if requested.
  3. The style of beer stated on the commercial label must resemble the class entered. A beer will not be eligible to win a trophy if the commercial name of the entry drastically differs from the class it was entered into.
  4. A beer commercially labelled as Pale Ale cannot win the IPA trophy. Product names or logos containing any statement, design, device or representation that is obscene, indecent, or likely to offend is prohibited. 
  5. Entries are audited to ensure compliance with labelling and the other regulatory requirements, commercial availability, stated ABV, and style. Entries not complying with these requirements may be disqualified.
  6. Entries are accepted on the condition that a completed entry form is submitted and entry fees paid by credit card or the invoice due date. 
  7. Entries will not be judged if the entry invoice has not been paid in full one week prior to judging.
  8. Entry forms must be submitted by 24 May 2024.
  9. The final day to withdraw entries from competition is 21 June 2024. Entries withdrawn prior to this date will receive a full refund minus an administration fee of $100. No refund will be given for entries withdrawn after this date.
  10. Entries will not be accepted after Wednesday 17 July 2024. All deliveries must be delivered to CHILL Jandakot by cut off and deliveries will not be accepted at the judging hub unless approved by the IBA. 
  11. Products that have been packaged after Wednesday 17 July 2024 will not be accepted and disqualified from the competition. 
  12. All beer entered must bear the correct labelling information attached as provided by the IBA. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure the correct labels are attached to the correct product. 
  13. All beer received for judging will be kept by the IBA and may be used at their discretion at a later date.
  14. The IBA may at its discretion:

i) alter the closing date for entries.
ii) rule that an entry may not compete or is ineligible to compete.
iii) Rule that a brewing company or brand is ineligible to compete; or
iv) Alter the date, time or place on or at which the judging and the awards are scheduled to take place.

    15. All decisions of the IBA and Judges on competition matters are binding and final.
    16. If an Australian Independent Brewer or Contract Brewer or beer entry does not meet the eligibility requirements,
          the brewing company/brand and/or beer entry may be subject to disqualification and will be notified by the IBA team.