The IBA has a clear mission: quality independent beer everywhere.

We're her to educate and influence for the Benefit of Australian independent brewers. In our events, programs and campaigns we advocate, lift awareness, ensure quality and drive member value.

The diversity of our sector is both our biggest strength and our biggest challenge. In such a fragmented sector, IBA membership fees are an important investment in the coordination and sustained growth of our sector, Working closely with our members, the IBA plays a critical role in helping to level regulatory playing fields, promote the unique contribution Independent Brewers make to Australian life and ensure our sector works as smart as it does hard.

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IBA Membership is open to Australian Independent brewers.

The Independent Brewers Association Constitution defines an Independent Brewer as any brewer based in Australia;

  • which has aggregate beer sales <40M litres per calendar year;
  • in which a brewer with aggregate beer sales of 40M+ litres per calendar year does not own more than a 20 per cent share; or
  • which does not itself hold more than a 20 per cent share in the brewery with aggregate beer sales of 40M+ litres per calendar year.

Independent Brewers are entitled to full membership, which includes all the IBA's membership benefits.

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Offers most of the benefits of full IBA membership while brewers await their excise/wholesaler/producer/licences.

  • Participate in the IBA Annual General Meeting.
  • Be invited to state chapter communities.
  • Join project groups committees and state summits (Mash Ups).
  • Have access to online forums to ask the wider beer community about their experiences and expertise first hand.
  • Discounted tickets to IBA events such as BrewCon19, The Indies, IBA Trade Hub events and more.
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IBA Associate Membership is available to all companies involved in the supply chain of the Australian brewing industry. IBA Associate Membership gives you a variety of opportunities to present and promote your brand to key industry stakeholders and to ensure that your products are seen by the right people at the right time.

Becoming a member is an efficient and effective way to reach the Australian brewing industry and provides beneficial brand alignment by supporting the growing Australian market. 

  • Online company listing on the IBA Members Directory.
  • Member discounts to IBA produced events including the annual Brewers Conference (BrewCon) and The Indies.
  • Access to exhibit at the annual BrewCon Trade Expo, partnership opportunities, Mash up national programming and more.
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