Indies Awards Advisory Committee

As Australia's only Independent Beer Awards, it is imperative that the Awards continue to grow and evolve. 

The aim of the Committee is to: 

  • Participate in a review after the competition identifying and providing input on areas of success and improvement.
  • Provide input and expert advice on any changes to competition rules, entry guidelines, trophies and overall competition structure.
  • Provide input and expert advice on the structure of the new ‘steward to judge program’ or judge development program. 
  • Assist with preplanning and technical frameworks.  
  • Review and make recommendations on style guidelines.  
  • Review materials for Table Captains and panel members. 
  • Assist with training, development and mentoring programs.  
  • Contribute to the debrief including recommendations for changes for future awards.


The Advisory Committee members are:

Chair: Will Thatchel, Van Dieman Brewing 
IBA Team Member: Siobhan Kerin, Head of Events 

  • Tom Champion, Felons Brewing 
  • Lachlan MacBean, Grainfed Brewing 
  • Pia Poynton  
  • Clare Clounting, Athena Qualtiy.
  • Sam Bethune, Bintani 
  • Daniel McCulloch, Lallemand Brewing
Please contact Will Thatchel if you have any questions.


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